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About us



TravelCoaches was established in 2011 in Greece (Athens) as a new brand name of the international Travel Management Company "Mediterranean Pearl" (Ministry of Tourism Number 04-14-E-80-00-00418-0-1).

TravelCoaches is to provide high level of complete service at competitive rates in Greece and the rest most popular destinations in the region.

Now we are more than happy you are on our web-site and hope you'll choose our company for your travel arrangements.

The reasons to do it:

1. We love our country and believe Greece is worth more than a visit. We care about every client and try to share our love with anyone who comes here.

2. We are experienced travelers and travel industry professionals, so try to make the trip of every tourist, if themselves do go on a it.

3. There are no hidden fees in our prices you can easily check it.

Greece worth more than a visit!