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Gythion is a historic town and port situated on the southern Peloponnese in the Laconic Gulf. Gythion first appeared in history in the 5th century BC and means "Land of the Gods" and this because once Hercules and Apollo in the building of the city came into conflict because of the magic tripod of the oracle of Delphi. The fight not declared the winner; eventually following the conciliation between them instead of Heraclea or Apollonia the town called "Earth of the Gods" consistently honored both in this city. According to mythology the island "Kranai" on the south side of town, is now joined to the coast, overnight Helen - Menelaus's wife - with her lover Paris, after the exodus from Sparta before the trip to Troy. Leaving, Paris forgot his helmet,(in Greek kranos) and so named the Kranai. In 375 AD was a great earthquake, where the tidal waves engulf Gythion in Laconian Gulf waters submerging or burying its inhabitants, so from the old city left only a section now called "Paleopolis." Over the centuries the layers of the surrounding hills streams and buried the last vestiges of the ancient city. During the Middle Ages Gythion was completely forgotten. In 1685 began to inhabited again. The Contemporary Gythion rises amphitheatrically at the eastern foot of the ancient "Mount Larysios" just above the main port from which made exports of citrus fruits, olive oil, olives and other derivatives thereof.

This tour includes a private vehicle with driver, and an English-speaking escort

• Please keep in mind that your English-speaking escort can enter in archeological sites with you but the tour for those will precede the visit. If you want a licensed-authorized guide to tour the sites with you, you can hire one at an extra cost.
• The price of this tour does not include any food, entrance fees, or gratuities.
• In SHARED tours the escort must maintain schedule for a fair and successful day for all.
The Byzantine state of Mystras may only be accessed by walking uphill. It is a strenuous walk and you must be in good physical condition. There is a pathway, but there are also step.
• Use comfortable shoes and please keep in mind that the weather may be very hot during summer.

The program for a full day excursion in Laconia, which lasts 8 hours, consists of visiting the following points, (after driving 1 and a half hour from Gythion port to Mystras):