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Greece News

A delicious visit to the Greek MuseumsA delicious visit to the Greek Museums

Beautiful atriums and courtyards, balconies with breathtaking views and lush gardens, properly adjusted to give you a rest before or after your visit to the museums of Athens and Thessaloniki, or offer you a romantic dinner and aesthetic tastes. Follow us on a walk to the most famous ones and let’s discover together their real....taste!

Acropolis Museum Restaurant

Fancy a meal with fresh products and traditional Greek tastes in a restaurant that overlooks one of the world's most wondrous sites? Then, take a seat on the 2nd floor of the Acropolis Museum, where the selected daily dishes are inspired by local recipes, covering all regions of Greece. A menu with the most panoramic views of the Acropolis!


Greece's Red and White HopeGreece's Red and White Hope

As Greece's new government grapples with the country's colossal debt burden, in one sector at least, there is a little hope. Exports of Greek wines may be tiny when compared with those from countries such as France, Spain and Italy, but for winemakers like Yannis Voyatzis in Velventos, northwestern Greece, sales abroad have risen.

"There is an opportunity," he says, speaking from his winery, Voyatzi Estate, near Lake Polyfytos on the foothills of the Pieria Mountains. "For the first time this year our little winery had lots of demand from export markets. We have a hope that although there is a lot of negative publicity surrounding Greece, there is no negativity toward our wine. In a funny way, maybe it is not a very bad moment for our exports."


Greece's charms has the tourists flocking back, despite the faltering economy. Photograph: Sakis Papadopoulos/Getty ImagesHollywood stars give Greek tourist industry A-list endorsement

Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie among the stars returning to Greece as stricken economy gets boost from surge of bookings.

With a little bit of help from Hollywood stars and – yes – German politicians, Greece is back on the tourist map, experiencing an unexpected boost to its economic mainstay that has surprised even officials.


Going to Greece? Don't panic!Going to Greece? Don't panic!

Navigate through the growing confusion about what will and won't happen with our clear-cut guide.

With words like 'drachmageddon' and 'Grexit' being bandied around (both referring to the prospect of Greece being booted out of the EU and reverting to the drachma as currency), many travellers are left scratching their heads about whether to take that cut-price Greek holiday.