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Kalamata-Ancient Messinia

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Kalamata is a city in southwestern Peloponnese and port of southern mainland. The city is built at the foot of Mt Cart (Taygetos edge) in the heart of Messinian Bay. It has a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winter. The story begins in Kalamata from Homer, who mentions it as Fares. The modern name of Kalamata probably comes from an old Byzantine monastery which was dedicated to Virgin Mary the Kalomata. Kalamata has limited significance during the ancient period of lying under laconic sovereignty by the mid-8th century BC until mid-4th century BC Acquires prestige after the Fourth Crusade (1204 AD) when passed into the hands of the Franks. Geoffrey Villehardouin builds the castle and starts the economic prosperity of the city. In 1459 the Turks occupied and rotate the hegemony of the city with the Venetians until 1715 when it is occupied permanently, until 1821 which was released. The city today is an important urban, economic and commercial center of the area and has a lively nightlife winter and summer.

This tour includes a private vehicle with driver, and an English-speaking escort

• Please keep in mind that your English-speaking escort can enter in archeological sites with you but the tour for those will precede the visit. If you want a licensed-authorized guide to tour the sites with you, you can hire one at an extra cost.
• The price of this tour does not include any food, entrance fees, or gratuities.
• In SHARED tours the escort must maintain schedule for a fair and successful day for all.
• Use comfortable shoes and please keep in mind that the weather may be very hot during summer.

The program for a full day excursion in Kalamata, which lasts 8 hours, consists of visiting the following points, (after driving 1 hour from Kalamata to Ancient Messinia):

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Ancient Messinia

1. ANCIENT MESSINIA                                   Duration of visit: 2 and a half hour

Ancient Messinia - The Messini was an ancient city of Messinia and was established in the winter of 370 BC-369 BC. It was the capital of free Messinians. The choice of location of the city grew after miraculous revelation of the covenant of the Messinian hero Aristomenis and with the help of priests and soothsayers. The town was named after the legendary Queen Messini. The city remained the cultural center of Messinia until 395, when the invasion of the Goths gave the decisive blow to the city. Then the few inhabitants began to settle in safer villages and deserted place. The wall surrounding Messini was extremely long and had two monumental gates, the Arcadian and the Laconian. The first excavations began in 1831 and continued until today. The highlight of places and monuments that have been revealed are: a. Theater; b. Isis Temple; c. Early Byzantine Royal Church; d. Arsinoe fountain; e. The West side of Market; f. Temple of Zeus; g. Temple of hero; h. Roman hacienda of late Roman period; i. Stage; j. Gymnasium.

After driving 1 hour from Ancient Messini we will reach Kalamata

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City tour in Kalamata

2. CITY TOUR IN KALAMATA                                                          Duration of visit: 1 hour

City tour in Kalamata – There we will visit the following points:
a. The castle
b. The Railway Park

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Swimming in Kalamata’s beach

3. SWIMMING IN KALAMATA`S BEACH          Duration of visit: 2 and a half hour

Swimming in Kalamata’s beach - Greece is known for its beaches that's why the best way to end the tour is enjoying the turquoise waters and the sand of this beach and sunbathing under the hot sun. Next to the beach there are a lot of traditional restaurants where you can optionally make lunch.





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