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Methoni beach



To the North from the city of Kalambaka, on northwest border of the Fessaliysky, visitors see the fascinating view of the amazing monasteries "balancing" on massive separate rocks at the height of 400 meters over the earth opens. The Meteora – one of the main sacred places of Christianity which is also the district of exclusive natural beauty. Thousands of tourists are flown down here every year to visit the stunning size of mountain formations where the eternity and beauty reign, and look for a spiritual enlightenment in the distance from terrestrial vanity.

"The stone wood" Meteora – an ideal combination of a natural and man-made landscape, defiant full feeling of participation in something to the highest. Visitors come to feel the atmosphere of privacy of monastic life and to admire a unique natural landscape or to admire the outstanding architecture of monasteries called "architecture of a holy land".

The Meteora is the second-large center of a monkhood and pilgrimage in Greece after Mount Athos. The first monks found a haven at these tops in the XI century, escaping from invasion of the Turkish army. Some monasteries were built in the next centuries, and all construction materials needed to be lifted in baskets by eans of the winch. Till 1920 it was the only way of delivery of the food to monasteries. Numerous historical documents say that once there were thirty religious communities, but till today only six of them remained and are available to visit; other, smaller monasteries which are mainly built in the XIV century now are thrown. In the past monks had to rise on the cool mountains to reach monasteries, but today you can go on steps, made to a grief or rise on a ropeway. Enthusiasts, nevertheless, should choose ascension uphill - ideal way to receive inflow of adrenaline and to take a pleasure in uniqueness of a landscape.

Fans of the nature shouldn't miss chance to pass on foot on twisting stone footpaths and to admire the unusual geological phenomenon which appeared as a result of erosion and geological changes for 15 million years. In 1988 the Meteora was declared by object of the World heritage of UNESCO.





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