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Patras is the third largest city of Greece, has a population of 203.000 inhabitants and is the largest financial, commercial and cultural center the Peloponnese. During the four millenniums of its history and especially in the Roman period, Patras became a cosmopolitan center of the Mediterranean, and according to Christian tradition is the place of martyrdom of the Apostle Andrew. The Scottish tradition considers Andrew patron saint from 750 and there is an ancient Russian tradition for the introducing of Christianity in Russia by Apostle Andrew, as he arrived preaching until Kiev. By transferring the capital of the Roman Empire in Constantinople, 330 AD, Patras began to decline. In 807 AD, the city was besieged by Slavs. Later it fell into the hands of the Franks, Venetians and finally the Turks. It is called gate of Greece to the West, as it is an international trading center, a large port and a focal point for trade and communication with Italy and the European West. A feature of Patras is the division of the Upper and Lower town, connected by stairs. The city has two universities and one Technological Educational Institute and associated with these research institutes which make it scientific center with strong performance in technical education. The ultramodern bridge of Rio-Antirio connects the suburb of Patras Rio with Antirio, connecting Peloponnese with mainland Greece. In addition, the city boasts for the largest European Carnival, the famous Carnival of Patras, the main features of which are satirical floats and spectacular dances and parades. The city of Patras was the European Capital of Culture for 2006.

This tour includes a private vehicle with driver, and an English-speaking escort

• Please keep in mind that your English-speaking escort can enter in archeological sites with you but the tour for those will precede the visit. If you want a licensed-authorized guide to tour the sites with you, you can hire one at an extra cost.
• The price of this tour does not include any food, entrance fees, or gratuities.
• In SHARED tours the escort must maintain schedule for a fair and successful day for all.
• Use comfortable shoes and please keep in mind that the weather may be very hot during summer.

The program for a full day excursion in Patras consists of visiting the following points:

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Winery Achaia Clauss

1. WINERY ACHAIA CLAUSS                                           Duration of visit: 1 hour

Winery Achaia Clauss - In 1859 the Bavarian Gustav Clauss is purchasing a 60 acre area at 500 meters altitude, on the outskirts of Patras. There he built his summer residence, which was careful to plant vines. In 1861 he decided to create the first community of Greek wine called Achaia Clauss. From 1883 until 1908 the company focused on producing fine wines such as "Mavrodaphne" and to a lesser extent, in producing "Demestichas". In 1919 he passed into Greek hands. Begins the gradual modernization of facilities and winemaking techniques. Its reputation has spread to 43 countries. 156 International Awards, 15 prizes, 51 gold, 38 silver medals and countless diplomas are hosted at Cellar Daniilidis and prove the validity of the global market of wine.

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Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle

2. CHURCH OF SAINT ANDREW THE APOSTLE               Duration of visit: 1 hour

Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle - In the place where St. Andrew was martyred by the early Christian times there was a temple in honor of the saint. The church was built on the site where there was the sanctuary of goodness Dimitra and next there was a source (is still until today) called "Well of St. Andrew." In 1770, burned and destroyed by Turks and Albanians. In 1836, on the initiative of 148 citizens of Patras, began the erection of the church of St. Andrew and ended the year 1843. The inhabitants of Patras by reverence and gratitude to their patron and protector, wanted to build a grand church. The new church was founded on June 1, 1908 by King George A’. The church officially launched on September 26, 1974, is the largest church in Greece, about 2,000 square meters and with women's lofts fit about 8,000 people. The temple is one of the largest in Europe and the largest in the Balkans.

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Archaeological Museum of Patras

3. ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF PATRAS                   Duration of visit: 1 hour

Archaeological Museum of Patras - The new Archaeological Museum houses the history of Patras through 1300 exhibits, which unfold and depict all areas of human life, daily life, public administration and death. The private life comes alive with representations of buildings and floor mosaics that adorned the houses of rich Roman Patras. In Necropolis the visitor becomes privy to the ancient beliefs about death from the prehistoric to Roman times. The new Archaeological Museum is set in a modern building. The museum's permanent exhibition is divided into three major themes, the Hall of Private Life, the chamber of the necropolis and the hall of public life. The museum also includes temporary exhibitions, shop and showroom, educational room, hall of multimedia and virtual tours, public service areas and a small theater with a capacity of 140 seats. Entrance fees: 4€

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Bridge of Rion-Antirion

4. BRIDGE OF RION-ANTIRION                              Duration of visit: 20 minutes

Bridge of Rion-Antirion - The Bridge is the biggest cable-state bridge in the world and one from the 7 wonders of modern world as it presents unique characteristics. Her length that is supported in four pylons is 2.252 meters, while with the accesses it reaches round the 2.880 meters; the biggest depth of foundation reaches the 65 meters under the surface of sea. The bridge bears in earthquake bigger than the size of 7, 4 degrees of scale Richter, in potential conflict of boat of 180,000 tons, as well as in speed of wind 250 km/hour.

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Walking tour in the city center of Patras

5. WALKING TOUR IN THE CITY CENTER OF PATRAS  Duration of visit: 2 1/2 h

Walking tour in the city center of Patras - During the city tour will also see the Ancient Odeon, the oldest in Greece, the ?ld city of Patras and the stairs that connects it with the center. Also the marina, the main square named King George I, the square of 3 Allies with the solar clock and the harbor.
You will have the opportunity to navigate the city's footpaths and beautiful squares. You can also relax drinking a coffee or refreshment or enjoying an ice cream in the coffee shops. You'll also have free time for lunch at one of dozens of restaurants located in the city center as well as to buy souvenirs or anything else you wish.

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